I was dying a slow death from complicated grief after the death of my son…until I met Mark. He saved me, after so many other’s couldn’t help.

~U.S. State Senator (name withheld by request)

“We were at your show last night. I was the big fella that stood up with mom and brother with a cane. You mentioned that you saw a bat. You said it twice through out your show. Anyway, when I got home last night I sh%^ you not. There was a bat flying around my bedroom. I ran down stairs cause I have a phobia about bats. But my wife and her girlfriend, got it out with a paper sack. Never have had a bat in my house. Just letting you know.”


(I let George know that I do not inflict Biblical plagues of locusts, frogs or in this case bats upon anyone…lol…I’m just a conduit for the information. It was actually a very powerful validation which was part of a message of love received from his grandfather on the Other Side)….Mark Anthony

Mark’s book practically fell off the bookshelf this weekend. I found his book uplifting, honest and knew he was the real deal. I decided to contact him for a reading. Last Tuesday you brought closure for me about the passing of my Dad.  

Mark touched upon so many little things which I am still processing.   He gave me the name Lincoln, and at first that name did not make sense at the time.  Well, it finally clicked! Link was a close friend of my brother Matthew that passed a year prior to my brother’s passing.  His family wanted nothing to do with him after he divorced, left his two children and announced that he was gay. I felt Link was a moocher and we did not see eye to eye.   Matt often helped students, doctors, nuns anyone! Link seemed very envious of our brother sister relationship…I felt it was my job to look out for Matt. I was surprised that Link came through, and it brought me such peace to resolve our differences.


My deceased mother came through with a message for “Janet,” who was my mother’s best friend. I hadn’t seen Janet for over a year. Then Mark said that my mother knows Janet may have been suffering from eye strain or pressure and when your mom focuses on Janet she’s getting a lot of health issues, achiness around the eyes.

After the reading I hesitated to call Janet but I decided to anyway.

To my surprise, she said she was skeptical but open-minded and had even watched some television show about mediums occasionally.  As soon as I told her you’d felt pressure around the eyes, she gasped and confirmed that she indeed had had that sensation for the past week or so.

Two days later Janet called me to say she had gone to see her ophthalmologist based on our call—she’d never hinted anything of the sort when I spoke to her, so I wasn’t at all sure she was going to do anything with the information, but evidently she immediately made an appointment even though she had just had her annual complete eye exam about one month before (June) and thought her doctor would wonder why she was coming in again so soon when everything had been clear.

She told him of her sensations, and when he did a further round of tests he found that she had the beginning of a macular degeneration that would not have shown up on standard tests until it was much worse, and that inevitable vision loss would have occurred.  Instead she could take some vitamins and make dietary changes that should arrest the problem now with no loss of sight.

Janet then told him how she had gotten the information that she “needed” to come in, and this Latino physician said that his mother was a healer and didn’t blink an eye.  Janet was extremely grateful and believes she has successfully averted a problem, thanks to my calling, thanks to my mother’s contacting her, and thanks to you.

~Jenny W.   Ph.D

I’d like to Thank you for sharing your Gift of Connection with the other side!  Without your sharing I & so many others would never know the beautiful bits of info that can be & were relayed thru your Gift!  My heart was so overwhelmed with happiness, sadness, joy, love & such a sense of relief (if that makes sense) from our reading yesterday!!  I was with & watched my mother take her last breath & I knew she was in heaven undoubtedly but to know for sure that she sees her beautiful grand babies just gave my heart a huge lift of something that I cannot even describe!!  Thank you! Thank you! Thank you & God Bless Always Mark!!


Mark, I so enjoyed the reading you did for me last Sunday. The details and affirmations are flying everywhere and I am so blessed by your gift. I wanted a reading to confirm there is consciousness on the other side, and you provided that in spades!

It began with my grandmother/namesake (who described succinctly my M.O. for living my life), followed by my mom and dad — and then “Jimmy”, my love, with the golden hair, great physique as a young man and a romantic/very sexy/singing side. One of my favorite proofs that it was Jim’s presence (who Mark said he was compelled to call “Jimmy” not realizing that’s what all his high school friends called him up to the end)  was when Mark began singing “Baby you can drive my car” without knowing in social/vacation settings, I was the driver of Jim’s company car for most of the 14 years we were together this last block of time – and every time, Jim thanked me for driving and giving him some relief from his sales job that kept him behind the wheel every day. It was a big deal/gift for him. That song also pointed to Jim’s pride in owning Lynchburg’s first Ford Mustang back in 1967 – our initial dating car back then, and a source of great pride for years.

Then Mark said “Jimmy’s holding up an emerald” – and I remembered we were driving to Emerald Isle in 1967 when I first met Jim and felt so completely drawn to him.

Thank you, thank you – Never lose faith in the great work you are doing. The cost of the reading was the bargain of my lifetime! My life here – and beyond – has been changed because of you and your gift.


I had my reading today and have to say how wonderful and peaceful it has made me. I once was a very, very religious person but grew callous and forgetful as years passed. Today reinforced my beliefs and uplifted my spirit to once again feel there is more than this, more than nothingness, there will be something wonderful afterwards. I lost the man that was my everything for 53 yrs. but I found today he still is there for me, only in another dimension. I will now know that when I talk to him he really can hear me and still is near me to comfort me as he always did. If I know he exists, I therefore know God exists as well. Thank you Mark for guiding me to this euphoria.


Mark thank you so much for bringing my father through last night at Barnes and Noble in Sarasota. It was a profound experience for my young daughter and me. I couldn’t believe it when you started singing “Popeye the Sailor Man.” Popeye was my father’s favorite cartoon and he always used to sing that song–he also loved spinach! The large white dog that you saw that always kept putting his paw up–that was our white German shepherd. You heard “Burl Ives, Holly Jolly Christmas” —–I gave my parents a 60th wedding anniversary party where sisters flew into Sarasota.  I rented a trolley to pick us up at my house to look at Christmas lights….we played Burl Ives CD starting with that song! My father acknowledging that was one of the happiest weekends of his life. Goldilocks “just right” mention to my daughter! She had her 11 year old well-child visit that day (yesterday) and broke down crying to the pediatrician; (A student but gets upset if she gets a bad grade, bites her nails, etc.,; she covers up her facial beauty marks, embarrassed by them, it was an emotional Dr visit). Her grandpa assured her she is “just right” the way she is. God Bless you, Mark.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.


I just want to give feedback on my experience with Mark Anthony, on our telephone. He contacted so many of my deceased relatives, and I was like WOW, when we were finished it was like walking on a cloud, I just want to say THANK YOU, for your professionalism, and your warmth, it seemed like we were best friends, and we were just kicking it, I will be forever grateful to you.  I pray that God will forever bless you, and that the Angels will surround you always with love, and protection. I LOVE you Mark, you are the real deal, I hope that we will speak again sometime in the future. God Bless. Love, Paulette.


Thank you again for a wonderful reading. This was the best Birthday and gift I have ever given myself. Just knowing that my in-laws see my life at this moment, and the encouraging words they all said, helps me to understand that I am not alone in this world. Knowing that someone loves me on the other-side is a wonderful feeling. Thank you for your gift in relaying the beautiful message they all had for me.


As a psychic medium myself, I am constantly trying to improve and evolve. I have provided and received readings from many mediums, including some of the most recognizable in the world. I told myself after my reading with Mark, “I have just experienced the best mediumship reading in my life.”


Mark: I wanted to just say thank you for the reading the other day. I was not expecting all my family to come through when you were doing working with Janelle.  I lost my Step Mother and you described her so beautifully when she came through I never thought I would hear from here again. It was such a profound moment in my life I will take that with me for the rest of my days here on earth thank you so much for that. My step brother, my uncle, my brother in law my father all came through on Thursday all the people that meant the world to me I have been lost without them. Knowing that they are around helps me so much I felt a weight lift off my shoulders and I can never thank you enough. I Hope one day I can meet you in person to say thank you, and maybe so another reading with you in the future. take care and Thank you, Thank you Thank you….


“Mark, you have no idea how much your help meant to me. I know my daughter was there, everything you said about her was so true. You also said you saw purple flowers around her—I finally remembered where I saw them. She was interred in a cemetery in another state. We have dear friends who live there and who bring flowers to her grave. The picture they sent of her grave has a large basket of lilacs in front of it. It was her favorite flower.

Then you said she knows that when I miss her, I take comfort in a poem that she wrote. That is absolutely true. I found this poem after she had died. She wrote this on a small piece of paper which I now keep in my purse. I would like to share this with you.

Perhaps God is a poet

Who writes with words of flesh and bone and leaf and flower,

Every hour of every day words pour out of the poet’s heart.

And every word is beautiful and true and worth telling.

And when each poem is perfect

And there is no more which ought to be said

The poet gently takes the words back into his heart

Where they are safe forever…

And then begins anew

~Anonymous by request

“Mark, I want to thank you for the reading you gave me tonight and the information you gave me while on the Journey into the Light broadcast. It brought tears to my eyes, but was so very comforting. May the Lord bless you abundantly. Thank you again!”


“I just wanted to send you a quick email to say thank you for the reading you did for me a few weeks ago.  I feel much, much lighter of spirit and I am able to move forward with my life. I’m slowly letting go of the grief and sadness that I have been carrying around for the past year.  I will always miss my family, but I think now I can live out the rest of my life happily knowing that they are all waiting for me on the other side whenever it’s my time to join them.  You helped me so much. God bless you.”


“Mark you read for me tonight and brought my son, brother, mother and grandfather to me. I wanted to thank you again for such a beautiful read. My heart is at peace tonight. Bless you and thank you.”


“Just wanted to thank you for the incredible service you provide and share with others. Many times the assurance from spirit to a loved one living that they are doing well is all it takes to help people move on. Or the direction you can provide to someone who is at a crossroads and unsure which way to proceed can give them the needed confidence to go out and succeed. Tonight I listened to you on the radio and you were amazing!”


“I got my Christmas Wish, I had a reading with Mark and he brought my son to me before Christmas, and it was the joy of my life to hear from him . Mark is a wonderful medium who helped me understand so much about the Other Side. I am so grateful to him. Now I can find peace in my heart and try to have a Christmas this year. Now I understand that my son’s spirit is still around me, I still miss him, but I know he is okay. Thank you Mark God Bless You!”


“John and I would like to thank you with our whole heart for the insightful and heartfelt reading we had with you. It opened our minds even more to believing all our loved ones are always here with us and looking out for us. Every precious moment we can hear from our only son Cody was more than we could’ve asked for. We know we will see him again, when it’s our time. We have years of healing ahead of us, but thanks to people like you, it makes our journey seem a little easier. You truly are gifted and appreciated. PEACE & LOVE”

~John and Michele

“I want everyone to know that I have had the privilege of having Mark read for me. I was astounded at his detail and accuracy. He told me things about my Father that I had forgotten until he brought them up. Fabulous, Godly medium with true empathy, real compassion and an undeniable gift. I recommend Mark to anyone who needs a medium.”

~Ellen Hartwell (world renowned psychic www.ellenhartwell.com)

“Thank you for allowing my Dad to communicate through you. It was my birthday gift from my Dad as Monday was my birthday. This was a wonderful experience from God. It brought healing, comfort, and love to my life. And now I am able to forgive myself and to forgive my dad and also to heal my childhood. Thank you!”


“I had a fantastic reading with Mark yesterday. His accuracy with my situation blew me away!! The messages I received where not only healing, but also gave me direction and peace. Thank you again Mark. I can’t wait to read your book!”


“That was wonderful yesterday. We were both glowing all the way home. It was so amazing the way they all tied in the conversation my son and I had on the way down to your office. The balloon Justin had at that park, and even how you got the tea my mom drank.

I wanted to tell you that a little while ago, I was home alone, and I was telling Bill, my late husband thank you. Thank you for coming and talking and helping his son and me.

I am so glad and grateful.

Thank you so much Mark”


“Mark, you told me my mother’s spirit said a single red rose was significant to me. I wasn’t sure at first, but then I remembered that one single red rose is lying next to a picture of my great grandfather in my mother’s bedroom. It’s been there ever since my mother passed on. My mother adored her grandfather. Thank you so much! Your reading really comforted me.”


“What a completely amazing and satisfying reading! I was so glad to hear from my relatives, and Mark got details about them that no one could have known. But the most incredible part of the reason came at the end, when a long-dead ancestor came through and warned me about a business deal, using a name that I didn’t get at first.

At first I thought it was a corporation’s name, but in truth, it was a place name. Indeed, it was the name of a place where my clients were considering the purchase of a piece of property. My ancestor indicated that this would not be a good move for my client, and moreover, that I should be wary of those around the deal. This confirmed for me the situation that I had already believed was in effect. There is NO POSSIBLE WAY that Mark could have known this information, and I did not ask him about this at all. It was completely out of the blue. Mark is divinely gifted to bring our loved ones back to us.”


“After I got off the phone with you I was wondering why you told me my Mother said something about a yellow rose. Then I went outside where my rose bush is, and there is a yellow rose! Mark it was not there yesterday. In fact there were no roses at all. And, the strange thing is, this is a pink rose bush. I was so happy I had tears rolling down my face. Wow…. I am still in shock but in a good way. Thank you so much for the work that you do. God is good.”



Diane Jaqua says:

February 18, 2018 at 2:09 pm

My daughter bought tickets for both of us to see Mark at the Aquarius in Melbourne I did not know what to expect. I was very happy just to be with my daughter. When Mark said ALS I started to tear up and said that’s grandpa he passed from ALS when he was 62. Mark asked if there was an infant who was premature. I started to cry because I had lost my baby on Mothers Day when he was only 2 days old. He said he sees a star when it is a baby and my mother and father were holding him. I am so happy I felt a sense of peace come over me. Thank you so much Mark

Debbie says:

March 5, 2018 at 7:56 pm

My husband passed away in July and ever since My daughter and myself were waiting impatiently and nervously for our reading with Mark. At the time of our reading Mark connected immediately with my husband telling us he was laughing and pointing to his hairline saying he used to have a lot of hair there but now it was thin and he had hair in places he didn’t want to have it such as his ears. Being so involved with the reading I forgot that my husband’s hairbrush was sitting right next to me. Also at the end of the reading I asked if anyone was there to meet my husband when he passed over and Mark replied that there were so many people it looked like the cover of the Beatles Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover. Well we could not believe it. My husband had just gotten the remastered album right before he passed and he was the biggest Beatles fan ever. Mark would Have no way of knowing this. The whole reading was fabulous but that statement was the greatest validation that for sure he had connected with my husband on the other side. Thank you so much Mark you are wonderful!

Debbie says:

March 6, 2018 at 6:44 pm

Just having a reading with Mark a few days ago I would just like to say how accurate and pleased my daughter and I were to hear from my husband who left us in July. The whole reading was spot on but the true validation came at the end of the reading when I asked if anyone came to take my husband home. Mark responded that there were so many people it looked like the cover of The Beatles Sergant Pepper’sLonely Hearts Club Band album cover. Well I could not believe what I was hearing. My husband was the biggest Beatle fan of all time and right before he passed he just got the remastered Sergant Pepper’s album. He was so excited about this and was looking forward to really getting in to it as he would say but unfortunately he passed before he could. So as you can see when that came up in the reading it really blew us away. Thank you Mark for assuring me that my husband is still here with us, You are wonderful.


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